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Mistress Eleanor - Domination Humiliation Discipline & Role Play

Financial Domination & Blackmail

Financial Domination with a Money Mistress is a fetish full of sexual charge. Those who see it simply as a cold money transaction misunderstand the essential point that ‘exploitation’ is just as powerful a fetish as any other fetish. It is simply that the object of the fetish is focussed on giving; on exploitation; on sacrifice. A money slave will experience intense excitement and/or arousal in the act of giving money to a Domme. This comes from the feeling of powerlessness, of being exploited, of being so completely captivated by a Domme that the slave will give and give and give to experience that feeling again and again.
Read My blog (10.6.13) for more of an overview of this fetish.

This type of Domination is not for everyone. If you have not been dominated financially or blackmailed before, say so when you send Me your application. Title your email application “Blackmail me” or “Financially Dominate me”, so that there is no confusion that this is what you want.
My email address is
you should send £50.00 to Me to have your application considered. I will include bank details to make this payment in My reply, unless you send Me cash via Gift Rocket to email address

In your email, tell Me a little bit about your background, your life at home and at work.  Also tell Me all your secrets and your complete financial information.
I Dominate My pay slaves mostly online, using email and messenger (with or without a webcam), but occasionally I will request that you come to visit Me. If you are unable to serve Me in person, you should tell Me this in your application. The more information I have, the sooner I can write your contract.
Contracts are for 6 months or 12 months.
I will write a brief email back to tell you if I accept your application, and how long your contract will last. Nothing will happen then for 7 days.
This is your chance to back out if you are too spineless to continue. If no contract is drawn up, none of your information will be shared, and your information will be destroyed. If you are to continue, you can add to the information you have given up at any time.

After a week, I will request proof of all the information you have given Me, eg.

  • bank statements
  • wage slips/accounts
  • bills/invoices/receipts
  • photo & signature ID
  • anything else you have referenced in your application

I will also need to see you on webcam, so that you can prove you are who you say you are.  I will ask for scans of your documents via email, followed by originals in the post, so you cannot alter any of your documents. I will send your contract within 24 hours of receiving your scanned documentation.
Print two copies of the contract and sign them both, scan one, and send it back to Me by email. I will then send your instructions for posting both signed copies to Me for My signature by reply. A further fee of £100 is required for your contract. Instructions for this will be given by email.
I will scan and email your copy to you before sending it in the post.

If I don’t receive your original documents within 7 days, your contract will be terminated, and your information will be released as I see fit.

I will include a “buy out” option in your contract, so it will be possible to be released from the contract if you feel it is absolutely necessary. This amount will not be cheap, and will be based on the financial information you have given Me. Typically it will be 3-6 months of your income.

I will set you tasks, and request payments from you on a weekly basis. Everything that is asked of you will have a deadline to meet. If you are unavailable to complete My tasks or send money on any given week during your contract, you should tell Me in advance of that day, for example if you are going away on holiday. If I do not know, I will assume you are ignoring My requests, and your private information will be released as I see fit. This will not mean the end of the contract unless I say so.

Send your application for consideration to
Add this email address to your "whitelist" or list of "safe addresses" to ensure email from Me does not arrive in your spam box or junk mail.

you can also apply via My other website by clicking here.

Q.I want a Mistress to completely control My finances. I want to hand over full financial control to You. Will You consider me?
A. Yes. Tell Me if you have had this kind of contract before when you apply.

Q. I am never available on a weekend to complete Your task, as I see my children, can I still apply?
A. Yes. I will consider any prior commitments you have on a weekly basis when writing your contract, if you have told Me about it in your application. Not every commitment will reflect in the contract. Most situations involving your children will.

Q. What kind of tasks will You set me?
A. The tasks vary greatly. They can be different every week, or the same every week throughout your contract. Sometimes the task is agreed as part of the contract. Some tasks will take minutes, some will take more than a day. I cannot say here what the tasks will be until I read the information in your application.

Q. I just want a Mistress who demands money, I don't have time for tasks. I just want to be controlled financially. Will You still consider My application?
A. Explain your reasons, and your application will be considered. Tasks can be financially based.

Q. What if You set a task that I cannot complete?
A. First, ask yourself if you cannot complete it, or do not want to. I will offer a buy out, or forfeit option with most tasks, but may withdraw this option if you continuously forfeit. I may also change the buy out value at any time. This will not be included for contracts with tasks or buy outs written in.

Q. Will You consider applications for contracts longer than 12 months?
A. Yes. This will depend on the details in your application, and details included in your contract. Even if I decline your request, I may consider extending your contract for a longer period.

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